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Before entering your password always check the address (Silkroad Imperial Kingdom). Any other website asking for it is a scam. Our GMs will never ask for it !

Imperial Kingdom: Online (easy)
Player Online: 45 / 1000

Fortress Warr Information

Hotan: PKGangsTers_
Jangan: dummy
Bandit: dummy
Constant: PKGangsTers_

..::Maintenance completed successfully. ** ! ::..
..::Server Silkroad Imperial Kingdom FULL FREE SILK 1 MILLION SILK to all your accounts, Cap. 140, Dg 15. - Fortress War Every Sunday -Baja California 11:00 am / Costa Rica 1:00 pm / Mexico 1:00 pm / San Salvador 1:00 pm / Miami 2:00 pm / Peru 2:00 pm / Colombia 2:00 pm / Venezuela 3:00 pm / Chile 4:00 pm / Argentina 4:00 pm / Uruguay 4:00 pm / Brasil 5:00 pm / Egypt 9:00 pm / Turkia 00:00 / Marocco Monday7:00 am ** ! ::..
21.04.2016 Hello, you are in Silkroad Imperial Kingdom

Bienvenidos a Silkroad Imperial Kingdom, servidor que ofrece novedades y estabilidad, a todos nuestro usuarios

Welcome to Silkroad Imperial Kingdom, server that offers news and stability, to all our users
21.04.2016 Promotional video.

21.04.2016 Video Guide.
21.04.2016 Video Guide.
21.04.2016 Information for this Server
Cap: 140 - DG 15

EXP/SP - 30x

PT Exp - 32x

Gold/Drop - 1x

Item/Drop - 1x

Sox/Drop - 1x

Alchemy Rate - Hard

Capture Flag - Enable

Trade Goods - Enabled

Alchemy Dg 13 - Hard Rate

Max Opt. +16 - Without ADV +20

Magic POP Awaken - D13 and Items

Remover Premium - Puedes Eliminar tu Premiun desde tu Panel de Usuario

Remove Premium - You can Delete your Premium from your User Panel

21.04.2016 Information

Recuerda invitar a tus amigos, somos un nuevo servidor en constante crecimiento y queremos llegar a ser una de las comunidades mas activas de habla hispana!

Remember to invite your friends, we are a new server in constant growth and we want to become one of the most active communities!
21.04.2016 News about the Server
Update: Changes made in Update

Read Important

Maintenance completed.

Fix crossbow dg15 Moon.

Apis more accessible to kill and exp.

Increased the cost of global chat in arenas and gold.

Eliminated all items nova d15 of the Unique and inventories.

Eliminated the 300% speed in capture the flag and Batlle arena, global chat was placed as a reward for death to your rival.

Unique Titans easier to kill, keeps your Drop and same HP.

Block of unique and deleted.

The exp was increased in flame room.

The Experience Rate was increased to 30X due to complaints from unstable players on the server.

Experience increased to 30X sacrifices all types of events of Unicos and Unicos Full Exp.

Increased experience in the Units of Jupiter and Holy Whale Temple.

21.04.2016 News Events
Update: Events

Today an event of crazy 18 hours of event full unique and fun.

El dia de hoy un evento de loco 18 horas de evento full unicos y diversion.

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