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Before entering your password always check the address (Silkroad Imperial Kingdom). Any other website asking for it is a scam. Our GMs will never ask for it !

Imperial Kingdom: Online (easy)
Player Online: 10 / 1000

Fortress Warr Information

Hotan: _UnderWORLD_
Jangan: dummy
Bandit: dummy
Constant: _UnderWORLD_

..:: **New Server Silkroad Imperial Kingdom. ** ::..
..::**Server Silkroad Imperial Kingdom FULL Cap. 120, Dg 13. - Fortress War Sunday / Costa Rica 5:00 pm / Mexico DF 5:00 pm / San Salvador 5:00 pm / Miami 7:00 pm / Peru - Colombia 6:00 pm /Aruba - Trinidad y Tobago - Republica Dominicana - Venezuela 7:00 pm / Chile -Argentina - Uruguay - Brasil 8:00 pm / Egypt 01:00 am / Turkia 02:00 am ** ::..
21.04.2016 Hello, you are in Silkroad Imperial Kingdom

Bienvenidos a Silkroad Imperial Kingdom, servidor que ofrece novedades y estabilidad, a todos nuestro usuarios

Welcome to Silkroad Imperial Kingdom, server that offers news and stability, to all our users
21.04.2016 Promotional video.
21.04.2016 Video Guide.
21.04.2016 Video Guide.
21.04.2016 Information for this Server
💯: 💎 Server - Information 💎

🎮 Welcome to the Server 🎮

💎 Silkroad Imperial Kingdom 💎

💎 Silkroad Imperial Of Costa Rica 💎

💎 💎

💎 Highly protected server without edited players 💎

🌎 Dedicated server 24/7 🌎

💯: Only one owner and only Administrator 🔥

💯: Owner and Administrator of Costa Rica 🔥

🔥 Cap 120 💎

🔥 Degree: 13 - Legendary and Legendary imperial with high power 💎

🔥 Race: Chinese & European 💎

🔥 Mastery: 520/240 💎

⏩ Exp Rate: 10x Party: 12x Sp:100x

⏩ Drop Item 2X / Gold: 1x

⏩️ Degree 12 NPC

⏩️ Degree 13 Awaken New system

⏩️ Degree 13 Dimension

⏩Degree 13 Legend Npc Donate

⏩ Active Bot: Sbot - Mbot - PhBot

⏩ Max Plus: +20

⏩ Ip limit: No Limit Ip

⏩ Capture Flag: Enable Reward Jop Sik 1 for kill

💎 Server Systems Silk and Coin💎

➡️ New maps and implemented system 🆘

➡️ New Vip System: Donate NPC

➡️ Recharge System: Silk and Gold

➡️ Player Ranking: Real-time

☣️ Lucky Staller Event

💯 DDoS Protection Provided by the company.🔥

⏩Roc x 2 Full Exp and Weapon Legend.🔥

➡️Unique Special Full Exp and Drop.🔥

➡️All Unique Full Exp, Drop Lotery System and Coin.🔥

➡️New Lotery System Full Exp, Drop, Set, Dress.🔥

⏩Fortress War Constantinopla New System Warr.🔥

💯 🔥

21.04.2016 Information

Recuerda invitar a tus amigos, somos un nuevo servidor en constante crecimiento y queremos llegar a ser una de las comunidades mas activas de habla hispana!

Remember to invite your friends, we are a new server in constant growth and we want to become one of the most active communities!
21.04.2016 News about the Server
Update: Changes made in Update

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Update finalizado.

21.04.2016 News Events
Update: Information

Todo Jugador Donador cuenta con un respaldo exclusivo y personal sobre sus Items D13 Legend y ahora al tener el nuevo sistema Legend y Exclusivo.

Si llegara a suceder algo inesperado con el dedicado, pueden tener la seguridad que tendran sus Items D13 Legend y Legendary y Exclucive a salvo y de regreso, en el momento que el Servidor o Nuevo Dedicado este Online en 24 o 48 horas.

Se brindara respaldo a los jugadores no Donadores por sus Items D13 Legend mientras demuestre que lo obtuvo del Npc o intercambio por x Item Limpiamente sin realizar comercio ilegal de Items, venta por dinero real, entre otras formas de hacer comercio a escondidas del [GM], de lo contrario podra ser castigado con Baneo, o retenidos sus Items hasta demostrar lo contrario.

Update: Information

Every Donor Player has exclusive and personal support for their D13 Legend Items and now having the new Legend and Imperial system.

If something unexpected happens with the dedicated, you can be sure that your D13 Legend Items and Legend and Imperial will be safe and back, by the time the Dedicated Server or New Dedicated is online in 24 or 48 hours.

Support will be provided to non-donor players for their D13 Legend Items as long as they prove that they got it from the Npc or exchange it for x Item Cleanly without engaging in illegal trading of Items, selling for real money, among other ways to trade behind the [GM], otherwise you may be punished with Baneo, or withhold your Items until proven otherwise.