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Before entering your password always check the address (Silkroad Imperial Kingdom). Any other website asking for it is a scam. Our GMs will never ask for it !

Imperial Kingdom: Online (easy)
Player Online: 4 / 1000

Fortress Warr Information

Hotan: _UnderWORLD_
Jangan: dummy
Bandit: dummy
Constant: _UnderWORLD_

Strong - PvP:

The Strong World PvP Event is focused on giving the best players a chance to show off their skills. This will be possible by participating in a total of Five Fights which will decide the winning team. It's an event that is not based on luck, But rather on each individual skills complementing each other.

How to Register:

The event will be announced by Game Master's Notice, After the Announcement you need to send a global, which contain's your Partners name


GlobalWriter:PartnerCharname, Registration Royalblade: xProdigy, Registration. FlameShade: The_Inspector, Registration.
Your partner and you will be automatically registered by our ingame system. Once the event starts, every registered player will be teleported automatically, Also the fightings will be generated by a random system that GM's will have to follow


Vigors are not allowed. No scrolls allowed. Example: No Hp increase scrolls, No Int scrolls, No Trigger scrolls etc. Berserker Usage is not allowed Snow Shield for Full Strength Chars is not allowed. Exception: You can use Snow Shield if you are at least 1:1 Hybrid built.


A Title:

The winner of the event will have as gift 50 silk and 1000 sand.