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Before entering your password always check the address (Silkroad Imperial Kingdom). Any other website asking for it is a scam. Our GMs will never ask for it !

Imperial Kingdom: Online (easy)
Player Online: 24 / 1000

Fortress Warr Information

Hotan: dummy
Jangan: _TheOceans__
Bandit: dummy
Constant: dummy

Race Event:

This event focuses on the strategic gameplay of different builts.

How it works:

There will be two Separated races, one for Strength characters, one for Intellectual Characters. Players have to find the shortest path between obstacles, monsters, statues. In order to win you will have to reach the Finish Line that will be shown by a Game Master. Once you die, you will be teleported out of the race.


Fighting inside the race IS allowed Resurecting is not allowed vigors are not allowed No scrolls are allowed Berserker Usage is not allowed Snow Shield for Full Strength Chars is not allowed Rewards:

A Title:

The winner will have the gift 50 silk or 200 elixir weapon

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